Salve and a warm and hearty welcome to this lovely crazy place!

Did you know, that in Sumerian mythology, the “me” is one of the decrees of the gods that made civilization possible?

As you can see I really do love old things and thoughts like mythology, philosophy, and history, especially when it comes to the question of religion and/or gods. I´ve studied classics and felt always drawn to history much older than the ancient Romans or Greek. Right now, I write about topics I am interested in and mix them all up.

In December 2017 I will publish the remake of an old fairy tale and one of the first love stories of all times “Amor and Psyche”. First it will appear in German, but then I am going to translate it into English (probably summer 2018).

And if you prefer to read in German you can do that on my first blog named “Lehmofen”.