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My book “Amor und Psyche”/English: Cupid and Psyche, has been published in German and I would like to translate it into English as soon as possible. does a wonderful job, but I need brave readers to pick the bugs from the manuscript. Let me give you just as an example the first few pages…:) If someone feels called: just write me. Thanks.

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Table of contents
Prologue 1
A sick love god 2
From the beginning of things 7
Cupid’s first lovers 21
Men and women 38
Psyche and the Prince of Thebes 58
The Castle in Nowhere 77
How to win a woman over 95
Desire and reality 117
What happens after the happy end 135
Divine Everyday Life 156
The Broken Promise 174
Lovesickness 194
Death and Love 213
Psyches exams 229
One last meeting of the gods 251
Epilogue 259


There is a place in the middle of the earth, from there you can see and hear everything that happens somewhere, even if it is so far away.
Fama built her house there and provided it with countless, doorless entrances and a thousand openings. Her house is open day and night and inside there is a quiet murmur as well as the sea noise or the distant rumbling of Jupiter’s thunder clouds, because there the sounds whirl around and everything she hears repeats itself again and again.
In the entrance hall there is a crowd of rumours coming, they go, a free and light people, true and false, they jumble to thousands of people and there is a tangle of fine voices.
Fama hears them all and feeds on them. From the invented, from lies, from error, from malicious joy, from bewildered fears, and from the quiet whisper of which no one knows the origin. She senses what is happening in the sky, on the sea and on earth and listens curiously to the wide world.
What reaches her hungry ears today fills her with wild joy. Cupid, the little god of love, is said to have fallen in love with a human woman, whom he keeps hidden where no one, but also no one is allowed to find her?

A sick god of love
The nymphs wound God’s flabby body out of the sheet soaked in sweat.
“It’s so terrible!”, she sighed one nymph.
“Shut up and hurry up,” said another nymph. “Cupid must be warm and dry in no time.”
Both rubbed arms, legs, stomach and back of the God dry.
“Will he survive?” whispered a third nymph carrying a fresh sheet. “Of course,” grumbled a bumpy-footed satyr who sat at the head of the bed and cooled Cupid’s hot forehead. “The guy’s not from Ambrosia!”
Amor had been sick for days in his nursery and the only thing he gave away was a soft puff. For days now, Satyr had to wait in the pink tower room and Cupid had to dab the sweat droplets from his forehead. There was only a tiny window through which he could guess a piece of heaven. But as soon as he looked out, the colours of the room hurt his eyes. Pink chests of drawers bite with the fluffy, deep red carpet, walls that squeaked in pink and were lined up to half with dyed wool that looked about three-quarters of a shade lighter. Cupid’s mother Venus had furnished the room before Cupid’s birth.
The Satyr Amor’s lower leg and feet, which could no longer find a place on the mattress and protruded through the bed’s golden bars, looked discontented.
“Why Venus didn’t get him a new bed is incomprehensible to me,” he growled.
Satyr scratched the tufts of fur underneath his horns, twisted his pointed beard and moved his goat’s legs into a more comfortable position. Once again he wished to return to the place where he came from.
Not so long ago, he had lived in the dark forests of Arcadia in the company of the shepherd god Pan. Every day and night there was a big party, fresh forest air, lots of wine, satyrs and nymphs. The best thing, however, was that everyone opened their thighs there willingly or stretched their butts whenever they felt the urge.
Of course, he had immediately volunteered when he heard of the offer of the goddess Venus – the goddess of love and goddess of beauty herself – to be at her service. He and three nymphs were the only ones chosen by Venus, and his friends envied him!
However, the Satyr had completely different ideas about “being at the service of others”. Although there was an atmosphere of sweat and heat in this room, it was not caused by the lustful moaning of the goddess nor by his love play with the nymphs. No. All female beings cared for this lying, sweaty God all day long and had no time for lustful games. He almost threatened to burst!
Concerned, one of the nymphs plucked the blanket and bent over him. The neckline of her gossamer dress sank onto the sheet and revealed two flowering buds.
Satyr suppressed a longing sigh.
“He’s so cold and yet he has a high fever! What disease has infected him?”, she whispered.
“Nobody knows,” said the second nymph, who was busy wrapping cupid’s legs sticking out of bed.
But what then becomes of love?”asked the nymph and her eyes suddenly looked very sad.
“Yes,” the Satyr grumbled,”what will become of love?”
He decided to disappear – as soon as possible – in an undisturbed corner of the huge palace in order to ease himself.
At that moment, Venus entered the room.
At the moment Satyr felt dizzy with delight. Venus was big, she was beautiful, she had perfect curves and a perfect face with eyes, as deep and unfathomable as an ocean. Her lips seemed to be made to suck on a strawberry.
“How’s my son?”
Without waiting for an answer, Venus sat down at the bed and felt Cupid’s forehead.  “Leave us alone,” she said and clapped her hands.
The satyr could not be told twice, although he still had a greedy look at Venus’ alabaster-coloured thighs. The nymphs nodded to Venus with regret and left the room.
“What made you so sick?” mumbled the goddess and reached for Cupid’s hand. “You’re cold as a statue, but there’s a fire burning inside that threatens to burn you. Not even Aeskulap could help you.”
She had placed all her hopes in Aeskulap, the best-known god of medicine. But he was just as perplexed as all the other curative gods.
Venus pressed Cupid’s hand on her cheek.
“I have to do it,” she whispered. “If I don’t do it, you will die and I won’t allow it. Do you hear me? Aeskulap said that if we know the cause of the disease, we will find a cure. So you’re gonna get to the bottom of this.”
So far she had hesitated because she did not want to weaken her son unnecessarily. But if she waited any longer, it might be too late.
Venus closed his eyes and concentrated. She wandered in thoughts through her body and searched inside for the divine power that made her so radiantly beautiful herself.
She sighed as she reached the shining core that was directly in her heart. She wrapped him with her thoughts and detached a tiny piece of it.
“Remember,” she said as she sent the spark. “Remember your story. Remember what made you so sick.”
The spark pounded over with a sentence in Cupid’s body, who gave a short puff of breath in horror.
Venus stroked Cupid over his forehead. “I hope it won’t make me wrinkle.”

From the beginning of things
In the beginning there was nothing but chaos and time. A colorless dot in the middle of nowhere. A raw, disorderly mass. A bunch of clashed antagonistic seeds without context.
It took a while until Cupid realized that he was somewhere in the beginning of all things. He contemplated the emergence of everything, the beginning of the beginnings, the beginning of the primordial beginning. He saw all this from a bird’s eye view and with full consciousness, but did not understand what was going on there.
What he saw was colorless and indefinable. The only thing he was able to determine with certainty was the movement that suddenly took place.
It was as if the masses were pushing for a decision. So in the same thing cold fought with hot, damp with dry, soft with hard, weightless with heavy and it arose: earth and heaven, underworld and upper world, night and shadow, war and strife, longing, desire and desire, masculinity and femininity and in the middle of it all love.
In the midst of all things was love.
Cupid had to smile, because what held everything together was his very own power. But it would still take some time before he could use them, for nothing was formed yet, there was no earth and no people.
However, things sorted themselves out and became clearer than expected.  For the earth Gaia gave birth to the heavens of Uranos to the huge Titans, plus three cyclopses and the Hecatoncheiren, a hundred and fifty-headed creatures. But Uranos hated all these children and hid them in the depths of the earth in the underworld. Gaia, however, was furious about this act and she created the hardest steel, called Adamas, the invincible, to make a huge sickle out of it.
She went deep down into the underworld to her captive sons and daughters and said:”Your father has imprisoned you, my children, and I will no longer accept that. You are called to do more than live in the underworld. Take this sickle and pay him back. I’ll do whatever I can to help you guys with that.”
Eagerly watching Cupid watched what his ancestors did.
The oldest of the Titans, Kronos, agreed to help his mother and himself and accepted the sickle that shone like lightning in the darkness.
The next time Uranos came to Gaia to sleep with her, Kronos, who would later be called the Completer, cut off his father’s virility in the middle of the love play, and threw her off to earth.
From the drops of blood of the cut off limb that fell to the earth, angry creatures arose, who would seek revenge, whether justified or not.
But from the seed of Uranos, which fell into the sea, the most charming and charming creature that the heaven of the gods had known until then came into being: Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.
Shuddered Cupid. So that’s the bestial way his mother was born? That explains a lot.
Uranos died and cursed his son Kronos, may the same thing happen to him with his own children.
Kronos was exactly as his father Uranos had predicted. Though he ruled over the gods and humans during the Golden Age, he also closed his children into dark caves and was emasculated and bled to death by Jupiter, his first-born son.
Again Cupid went through a shudder. Jupiter was his grandfather, the ruler of the gods, he was a little bit peculiar, but he would not have thought he could have done this.
Like shadows, Cupid saw the emerging human race, saw four eras in which people’s behaviour became increasingly cruel and inferior. He witnessed a great flood and the salvation of a single sincere human couple who, at Jupiter’s behest, formed a new humanity out of the clayey bones of mother Gaia.
Cupid shook. He had learned enough.
“Now,” he said to himself,”I want to know how I came into being.”

The next moment, Cupid saw his stepfather Vulkanos. He was surrounded by darkness and struck his hand against his chest to counter the pain that was spreading there. He was in Venus’ wardrobe where it smelled musty. Vulcanoes almost couldn’t find a place in it, considering all the clothes that were hanging here. It was pitch black, but due to the narrow gap between the door and the frame of the cupboard, he could see the bed.
The truth hurt. Why here? Why in the cloud palace? Why did it happen in their marriage bed, why had they not found another room, why not a hiding place? Why did they do it so obviously? Didn’t they have any sense of decency? No sense of shame?
He did not want to believe Helios, the aging sun god, who still boasted of seeing everything. He had hoped that the old man’s eyesight might have decreased. But it was true. There was no longer any doubt about that.
Laughing flirtatiously, Venus pulled the god of war Mars to himself on the bed. Mars buried his face in her curls and rolled on them. Venus opened willingly. Wider and wider than she’d ever done with him, Vulcanos. She moaned loudly and passionately, as if she were a wild animal and not a goddess.
“Yes, Mars, Mars!” she kept shouting.
The god of war battled them as if he had to win a battle.
Vulkanos turned his gaze away and grabbed the chain he had forged.
For days he had been working on the construction, refining the metal over and over again until it was thinner than spider webs and harder than steel. How many times had the two of them met during this time? How often have you slept together? Why did it take him so long to prepare the trap?
Mars moaned passionately and threw his head in the neck, Venus squeezed his butt with her hands and screamed with pleasure.













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