The last king


Wanderer above the Sea

By Caspar David Friedrich – The photographic reproduction was done by Cybershot800i. (Diff), Public Domain, Link


Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled over a beautiful and great empire. But he was annoyed because there were around him six other kingdoms, dominated by great and beautiful kings, who did everything else than he did. Moreover, he found that there were far too many subjects in all, and since the subjects moved into a different empire from some areas, whether to work or because they liked the smell of the air, this king decided: only his own subjects should go well, only his subjects were worth living a beautiful life and they should be ruled by him as the only king in the whole territory of the seven kingdoms.

The king sent out his messengers, and they proclaimed the message on every square in every city. But since there were also people from the other realms, or because a paper was lost, or because the wind simply carried the words with it, the kings of the other realms also heard that a king intended to become the greatest and only ruler of the entire territory.
Annoyed, they talked with their consultants.
“We won’t put up with that!”, said ones.
“If we do nothing, we will lose!”, said others.
One came and said, “He who does not fight can still negotiate.”
But then everyone said, “He who does not fight has already lost.”

And so they quickly agreed, especially since every king could count on the support of his population, which suddenly began to surpass each other in the design of arms. The smithies burned, glowing iron hissed in cold waters, the hammers hammered incessantly, and smoke rose into the skies.

The wise counselor, however, began to form a network of advisors working in various kingdoms. And he managed to persuade the advisers of the kings to negotiate as long as they were not yet fighting. Thus, for several years, the advisers held the kings back, while the knights and warlords armed and at the same time sold the weapons among themselves.

“We need this war machine, for others have that”, said the one.
“If we do nothing, we will lose!”, said others.
One came and said, “We must be first, otherwise we will be last.”
And all said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

This happened in the royal house of the king, who once ruled over a beautiful and great empire whose sky was now covered with smoke-black clouds.
And scarcely had he dismissed the machinery of death from her cage, she sprang over the seven realms, and ate all that was alive. The flowers, the bees, the bushes – and the people.
And when she had grinded everything, she was still hungry and returned to the king, knowing that there were some leftovers.
In one night, she devoured all the subjects of the seventh kingdom, the last counselors, and the entire royal family.
She only spared the king, for she bowed to his desire, which had given her such a rich feast.

Since then the king has ruled alone.

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